How our C. elegans research services helped our clients address their research questions

"We have formed an incredible partnership, which not only has provided AB Biotek with novel information on our formulations, but also Magnitude Biosciences with new technology to implement in their future services. All of this will be reflected in the publications of several papers and the filing of several patents. We hope to maintain this collaboration in future projects and keep developing new formulations to help human health."

Gerald Dard, Managing Director , AB Biotek HNH

"Magnitude Biosciences has proven itself to be a world-leading C. elegans CRO. The team behind the project has been extremely flexible throughout every step of our collaboration, and has been extremely supportive and innovative when it comes to developing new technology to meet our needs. We are not C. elegans experts, but Magnitude Biosciences aided us in fully comprehending the data generated in our studies and ensuring that it was understandable for our particular needs."

María Tintoré, senior scientist at AB Biotek HNH 

"Our project with Magnitude Biosciences showed the power of this unique C. elegans healthspan approach over lifespan as it enables you to measure ageing in mid-life, not just recording when animals die. It was great to see that our compound had no effect in early adulthood, no toxicity, but maintained health in ageing animals. We are really enthusiastic about doing more work with Magnitude Biosciences in the future. I would strongly recommend their healthspan assays to other biotechs and pharma looking to develop treatments for age-related disease.."

William Bains, CSO, Five Alarm Bio.

"My team of chemists aren’t C. elegans experts but Magnitude Biosciences helped us to clearly understand the data coming out of our studies and ensure it was usable for our specific needs. The quality of results in terms of the reports Magnitude put together is fantastic and the team goes above and beyond to ensure we understand everything clearly and can put our confidence in the results. What Magnitude Biosciences does is unique but their biological expertise means what they generate by way of data can really be translated into the ‘real life scenarios’ we as a company want to improve."

Bruno Feneon, Corporate Toxicologist of the Michelin Group

NNB Nutrition is an innovative health and nutrition company focused on the identification, optimization, and commercialization of innovative nutritional ingredients that are clinically validated to promote health, performance, wellness, and longevity. As a critical component of NNB Nutrition’s corporate mission, which includes the creation of intellectual property and the pursuit of scientific exploration, we identified Magnitude Biosciences as the preeminent expert laboratory to help us assess the benefits of MitoPrime® (L-ergothioneine) to promote health and delay aging in a scientifically-validated model of longevity. Use of this model eliminates any need to use mammalian animals.

NNB Nutrition has been extremely impressed with Magnitude Biosciences Co-founder, Professor David Weinkove, his expert team, the impeccable quality of science, and the unique technological expertise of Magnitude Biosciences -- they are the only company in the world who can generate the kind of whole organism health data utilizing their proprietary, quantitative, visual imaging technology. Professor Weinkove, and his team of experts at Magnitude, provided us with their expertise regarding study design, guiding us to make the best decisions at the outset, to ensure our study generated the highest quality of results. Their team took the time to listen to us, adapt to our specific needs, and explain the data, at each study stage, with the utmost clarity and patience.

In particular, Magnitude Biosciences provided their deep and unique knowledge of the literature, along with their experimental experience, to recommend appropriate test molecule concentrations, along with suggesting the essential benchmark molecule (essential features of any well-designed study), that ultimately resulted in the validation of our original hypothesis"

Joseph L. Evans, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, NNB Nutrition USA

"Brilliant Science is an innovative proactive wellness company that takes pride in using clinically-validated science to promote health. We were looking to use the nematode C. elegans to test our newest longevity supplement formulation and reached out to Magnitude Biosciences above their competitors because their credibility and scientific rigor really stood out. We were extremely impressed with their work for us and how well they understood our objectives. The Magnitude Biosciences team delivered robust results with excellent communication on a timescale that worked perfectly for our needs. We would not hesitate to get in touch the next time we need to characterise our products in a whole organism model."

Dr. Dan Gubler, Chief Scientific Officer, Brilliant. Brilliant is a health and wellness company with the aim to solve the proactive wellness imperative through the development of patented and clinically-proven nutritional supplements.

"Magnitude Biosciences helped us with environmental toxicity studies looking at the health impact of plastic nanoparticles. The team were great to work with: they were very responsive in their communication, provided plenty of discussion and expert guidance to optimize the study design and timely answered our research questions. They impressed us with the quality of their science at every stage of the project. We were worried that the pandemic may slow progress with the experiments, but Magnitude Biosciences were set up to work very quickly and ensured the study was conducted not only very efficiently but also to a very high standard"

Dr. Natascia Ventura, MD, PhD, Group Leader, Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Diagnostic, Medical Faculty, Heinrich Heine University

'The team at Magnitude Biosciences revealed the power of the C. elegans system in the early stages of drug development. They made us aware of the possibility and merit of using a variety of transgenics techniques in C. elegans to test the positive effects of peptides in models of neurodegeneration. We hope there will be future opportunities to partner with Magnitude Biosciences to help us develop the next generation of therapies."

Dr Penny Hayward, Principal Scientist, PhoreMost Ltd. PhoreMost has developed the protein interference SITESEEKER® platform to drug the undruggable in oncology and ageing.

''Magnitude were very collaborative, efficient and flexible as the experiments progressed.  We were impressed with the power of the automated imaging technology and the speed at which we obtained the results which helped us to efficiently prioritise key compounds.''

Dr Peter Hamley, CSO, Samsara Therapeutics - Samsara is a company discovering new medicines for healthy ageing

"Magnitude Biosciences helped us with a very complex gene-editing project. We really appreciated working with their team – in particular, Michael Fasseas, who was extremely helpful with all aspects of the project, from CRISPR design through to injection/screening. Even though the project was not straightforward, they went above and beyond to adapt the project design as needed and their flexibility, responsiveness and transparency of communication, and the transgenics and C. elegans expertise they have in their team gave us a lot of confidence.  We highly recommend their services as a contract C. elegans lab."  

Alan Morgan, Professor of Physiology at the University of Liverpool

"It was absolutely great to work with Magnitude Biosciences on several projects involving generating extra-chromosomal transgenic lines. They are very talented at gonadal micro-injections, even difficult ones, requiring co-injection of several constructs in neurons. They were able to advise me on the best concentrations to use, based the experience of their expert team and I have been impressed at how fast and efficient they are at what they do. I would totally recommend their services as a contract lab for C. elegans research."

Laetitia Chauve, Postdoctoral Researcher, Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK

'Pleased with the professional, efficient level of service we received from Magnitude Biosciences. We were happy to see reproducible and consistent data that has real potential for future screening projects.''

Dr Jennifer Tullet, Senior Lecturer, University of Kent.

'I am impressed by the potential of the Healthspan Machine to increase the throughput of C. elegans assays.''

Liping Zhao, Rutgers University

''Magnitude is an invaluable partner allowing us to test our autophagy-related drugs in an unbiased and sensitive healthspan assay in vivo.''

Dr. Viktor Korolchuk, Institute for Cell & Molecular Biosciences and Institute for Ageing, Newcastle University.

''Improving healthspan is my vision. Magnitude Biosciences provide a great tool to do it.'' 

Prof Thomas von Zglinicki, Newcastle University.

'Thank you so much for your professionalism. It has been a great experience to working with you on this project.'' 

Dr Evandro Fang, University of Oslo.

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