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The Challenge

Pharma professionals face numerous challenges in the drug discovery space: complex, and often times slow, decision-making processes, shifting strategic priorities, extensive compliance requirements and a diverse set of stakeholders involved at every stage. In order to progress your research to the next stage quickly, you need trustworthy, high quality data, rapidly generated via transparent processes.

Without compromising on their high-quality data and robust processes, pharma must also embrace innovation and find new ways to progress their research, to stay ahead of the competition.

When it comes to transitioning from in vitro to in vivo, the traditional avenues of first looking to rodent and other mammalian models have the hang-ups of long timelines, large monetary investments, ethical considerations, and no guarantee of adequate translatability of results.

Where can pharma look to for new approaches which accelerate research, rather than add time and complexity?

How we help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

  1. We derisk your drug progressing from in-vitro to mice. Using our C. elegans technology will tell you what chemical series is best used for your target, what the in-vivo toxicity of your favoured compound(s) are, which of your possible targets will work best in-vivo, and if your chemical series or compounds are effective in-vivo, at a fraction of the cost and time of using mice.   
  2. We accelerate your project by doing acute and chronic drug effect testing faster and cheaper than mouse models. C. elegans automated Healthspan whole-life experiments last weeks, not months. We stick to our lab schedules, respond quickly to your queries, and ensure your study is set up quickly.
  3. Using C. elegans is an ethical 3Rs option: we can quickly show you whether it’s worth taking your compound into rodent studies and, if it is, our data will have helped to minimise the number of rodents needed for the next stage.
  4. We increase your chance of success by generating high quality, consistent, well-structured data in a detailed report that is publishable and easily understood by your science team, your investors and your market segment. Our scientists will help you decide which analyses are most relevant for your endpoint and get the most of your data.
  5. Your project matters - we offer a solution customised to your needs, regardless of your location, and we ensure your IP is well-protected at every stage. We develop assays where C. elegans is truly relevant and valuable to answering your research questions, and never recommend C. elegans where a better solution exists.
  6. We partner with you as an expert expansion on your team. Our team is the best in the business. Standardised experiments in worms picked by experts, for high consistency and robustness of testing conditions.

We are always happy to design novel custom assays to fit your needs, so don't hesitate to ask.


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support you to accelerate your research
  • Microbiome

    A powerful whole organism model for microbiome research

  • Neurodegeneration

    A proven whole organism model for neurodegenerative disease research

  • Toxicity

    A powerful whole organism model for microbiome research

  • Ageing

    A powerful whole organism model for accelerating ageing research

  • Transgenics

    Making transgenics requires specialist equipment, expertise and time.


Get in touch today to find out how we can 
support you to accelerate your research
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