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We're coming to the virtual European Worm Meeting 2020!

CEO, Dr. David Weinkove, and Head or Experiments, Dr. Michael Fasseas, will speak about our C. elegans automated imaging and transgenics services. Join them to learn how our assays can support your research in aging, neurodegeneration, microbiome and toxicity.


Magnitude's new COVID-19 compatible laboratory is fully operational and we are ready to support your research! Read all about it in our Press Release.

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Magnitude now offers Transgenic Services and Training after acquiring Invermis Ltd. Read all about it in our Press Release.

I am impressed by the potential of the Healthspan Machine to increase the throughput of C. elegans assays Prof Liping Zhao, Rutgers University.

Magnitude is an invaluable partner allowing us to test our autophagy-related drugs in an unbiased and sensitive healthspan assay in vivo - Dr. Viktor Korolchuk, Institute for Cell & Molecular Biosciences and Institute for Ageing, Newcastle University.

Improving healthspan is my vision. Magnitude Biosciences provide a great tool to do it. - Prof Thomas von Zglinicki, Newcastle University.

Thank you so much for your professionalism. It has been a great experience working with you on this project.- Dr Evandro Fang, University of Oslo