Answer your trickiest biological research questions with our expert CRO C. elegans services

The Challenge

Internal resourcing is increasingly limited, but research projects are increasingly complex and varied. You need to innovate in order to get ahead in R&D but finding and introducing new tools brings risk and doesn’t guarantee success. How do you find the right external partners who add value with their time (and not waste yours) and strike a balance between innovation and reliability?

How we help

Magnitude Biosciences works with many companies in industries with large R&D demands such as consumer goods manufacturing, agri-manufacturing, the global yeast industry, and nutrition and nutraceutical companies.

C. elegans has many useful applications for furthering research across these areas and, with the right technology, assays, and C. elegans expertise, these tiny worms are enabling big breakthroughs in R&D projects. Some of these applications include:

  • We have developed methods to quantify the toxicity of key components used in manufacturing. We assess your compounds for acute, reproductive and chronic toxicity.
  • We work with the yeast and health product industries to assess whether your probiotics, prebiotics or bacterial strains are effective in improving health.
  • We work with nutrition and nutraceutical companies to assess the impact of your compounds on improving the health of organisms.
  • We work with companies interested in assessing how ‘green’ and environmentally friendly their products are via environmental toxicity studies.
  • C. elegans are an ethical alternative to rodents and other mammalian animal studies, so we help brands who want to ensure their testing practices are ethical while still being able to see what impact they have on whole organisms’ health.

You may be new to using C. elegans, but we are highly experienced at matching your research area with their utility as an animal model:

  • Our studies are managed by an expert team - from study design, to implementation, to reporting and project end. Our team is made up of people who are not only the world-leading specialists in C. elegans, but who also have rich experience and knowledge across different biological areas. We aren’t just C. elegans experts-- we are experts at understanding your challenges and figuring out how C. elegans can accelerate your particular research project and address your specific research needs.
  • Microbiome

    A powerful whole organism model for microbiome research

  • Neurodegeneration

    A proven whole organism model for neurodegenerative disease research

  • Toxicity

    A powerful whole organism model for detecting toxicity for the environment and human health

  • Ageing

    A powerful whole organism model for accelerating ageing research

  • Transgenics

    Making transgenics requires specialist equipment, expertise and time.


Get in touch today to find out how we can 
support you to accelerate your research


Get in touch today to find out how we can 
support you to accelerate your research
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