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7 April 2021
Magnitude Biosciences announces new hires to support continued growth

Durham, UK - March 2021 Magnitude Biosciences, a spin-out from Durham University and the leading contract lab services provider in using the nematode worm C. elegans to accelerate drug discovery and other research in the areas of the gut microbiome, ageing, and neurodegeneration, today announced the addition of two members to its growing team: Mira […]

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5 March 2021
Magnitude Biosciences secures UK government Future Fund to expand its workforce.

Durham, UK - August 2020 Research into new medicines is needed more than ever, but research labs across the world are slowing down because of COVID-19 restrictions. Many companies and universities are turning increasingly to contract research organisations (CROs) to outsource their research. To meet this need, Magnitude Biosciences, a specialist CRO in CountyDurham, has […]

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5 March 2021
Magnitude Biosciences' new COVID-19 compatible laboratory is fully operational and we are ready to support your research

Magnitude Biosciences moves its unique COVID-19 compatibletechnology to a new lab at NETPark in Sedgefield, County DurhamDurham, UK – May 2020 Specialist C. elegans CRO Magnitude Biosciences has completed the transfer of itsoperational facilities from Durham University to NETPark in Sedgefield. Following theacquisition of transgenic services provider Invermis, this move allows MagnitudeBiosciences to deliver its […]

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