David Weinkove

Biologist, CEO

David Weinkove

Biologist, CEO

“C. elegans is a really powerful model for ageing research and with Magnitude Biosciences, we want to bring that power to a wider group of people”

David has 20 years experience with C. elegans, learning as a postdoc with David Gems, Ronald Plasterk and Erik Jorgensen. He discovered a mutation in the E. coli bacteria that increases C. elegans lifespan (Virk et al 2012) and has characterised a number of compounds that slow ageing (Bass et al 2007, Virk et al 2012, Cabreiro et al 2013). He led a manual screen of 1000 E. coli mutants to find those that increase lifespan (Virk et al 2016) and development of a defined nutrient media to increase reproducibility (Maynard et al 2018).

However, to improve throughput and data quality, David has turned to automation. He brought together the Magnitude Biosciences team as the right people to design, implement and deliver a reliable automated service that can bring increases in productivity to the whole field.

Chris Saunter

Physicist, Systems Architect

With a deep mathematical understanding, Chris is the genius behind the software that sits at the heart of the Healthspan Machine. He has over 15 years experience adapting imaging technology to answer questions in biology and is an Assistant Professor at Durham University Department of Physics.

Boo Virk

Worm Expert, Communicator

Boo has extensive experience in the field of C. elegans ageing, completing her PhD with David and then doing postdoctoral work in Cambridge and Shanghai, where she set up a worm facility in the lab of Prof Liping Zhao. Having also spent two years teaching bioinformatics, Boo is a phenomenal communicator.

John O’Brien

Business Adviser, COO

With decades of experience helping small tech companies fulfil their potential, John joined the Magnitude team in early 2018, bringing with him commercial expertise and first-hand knowledge of the investment community. John has worked around the world and is building Magnitude’s global business.